Three-masted schooner - 1910 Up to 75 People

A comfortable boat, great views, friendly crew - what can be better for an event of any type. 

About the Ship

The name of the ship translates from Portuguese as a Dutch Lion. 

It was built in 1910 in the nothern city of Groningen. The first captain was german and he used the boat to trasport wood from Scandinavia to Germany. 

During its more than 100 years' history the ship was rebuilt several times and sailed under the flags of Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Portugal and others. 

The boat was renovated by its last owner and started its commercial operations in Portugal. 

Aditional Information

Regarding the trip we have different route combinations, trip duration, catering menus and open bar options.

The boat is situated on the deck of Alcantara which provides a lot of possibility for parking and easy access by public transport. 

Boat rental on the river Tagus or charter from Lisbon or Cascais

Ideal for tours, vacations, lunches, cocktails, dinners, brunch's, events, private, exclusive, trips

If you wonder what to do you can always check the beach with a nice romantic view sightseeing.

This yacht is also available for regatta's, relax, cruises, team building.

Route and Boarding Location

On request

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