Hanseatic ship replica Up to 16 People

This boat brings together the past and the present. 

Enjoy a unique experience of discovering magnifiscent Lisbon views on a replica of a Hanseatic ship that will bring the past back to your present. 

About the Ship

Once you board the ship you will immidiately feel the environment of old times when boats like this were connecting Lisbon with Nothern Europe exchanging goods, ideas, and stories. And at the same time you will be able to observe an 8-centuries arquitectural evolution of the Lisbon city: from the St. Georg's Castle built in the XI century to the contemporary XXI century Champalimud Foundation.

Aditional Information

Built to provide our passengers the best possible experience, the Arca boat offers a unique combination of luxury and navigability. 

Time will simply fly by when you sit on our velvet cushions, enjoying our selection of drinks (red and white wines, beer, juice and water) and amazing Lisbon views. 

Boat rental on the river Tagus or charter from Lisbon or Cascais

Ideal for tours, vacations, lunches, cocktails, dinners, brunch's, events, private, exclusive, trips

If you wonder what to do you can always check the beach with a nice romantic view sightseeing.

This yacht is also available for regatta's, relax, cruises, team building.

Route and Boarding Location

For those who are looking for an unique experience, our Sunset tour will be a perfect way to see Lisbon bathing in the magic red and yellow sunset lights and make unforgettable photos. 

Passeios com esta embarcação



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